A look back at the work of Jean Prouvé (extract 1/2) 2012

Directed by Peire Legras, 2012. Duration: 31'. © Société Nationale de Radiodiffusion Radio France, France Culture.

Jean Prouvé: My first trade was that of a blacksmith. But it was working with steel, as much as wood incidentally, that I had the idea of building. Very soon I had the idea of adapting techniques of the time for housing.
J: Really ?
JP: which at that time were only used in machinery.
J: Yes but all of that has greatly evolved since then. So I would like to ask you this question: Where are you at today?
JP: Well evolution has not ceased since that time. We have kept the same idea. Not only me but the whole team of craftsmen that surrounded me, and other colleagues, as well as a great many architects. We have re-established, we have greater means than in 1918, 1919, 1920 …
Journalist: Yes … yes
JP: But we have kept the same idea of constant evolution, and of adaptation to housing, which seems terribly retarded in comparison with all other industries.