The architect and his time: Jean Prouvé, a builder (extract 8/8) 1975

Directed by Jean-Marc Leuwen, Hubert Damisch and Stanislas Faure, 1975. Duration: 61'21" © INA

Jean Prouvé: Obviously, architecture is about constructing something, building an object.
The builders of cathedrals who came before us were stonemasons, were carpenters and stonemasons, they provided us with everything we know of ancient things. They were architect–practicians, their trade. I think they were right, I don’t think it’s incompatible with what we should do today. So in these workshops we designed, we executed, jointly – there was no separation of work. I said earlier that we didn’t draw much, because I had noticed that you can lose a lot of time drawing, and particularly drawing if you don’t know your trade inside out.