L’architecte et son temps : Jean Prouvé, un constructeur (extract 7/8) 1975

Directed by Jean-Marc Leuwen, Hubert Damisch and Stanislas Faure, 1975. Duration: 61'21". © INA.

Jean Prouvé: (here are) my ideas on construction and when I made little objects they were much more constructed than decorative.
Journalist: yes, and that’s important with regards to conventional metalwork.
JP: And I made the most of the blacksmith’s profession, which followed the strictest standards of practice, but I forged in my own way, it never completely satisfied me. At first I was all alone, then I had an apprentice, and I was tormented by the idea of making architecture, that is to say to construct architecture. As I was passionate about mechanics and new production methods, I bought very modern equipment, and tormented by my idea of constructing, I started building things – a grating that was constructed rather than decorated in wrought iron, as was being done at that time. And then the architects in Nancy got interested, gave me commissions, and three years later there were 60 workmen around me.