The architect and his time: Jean Prouvé, a builder (extract 3/8) 1975

Directed by Jean-Marc Leuwen, Hubert Damisch and Stanislas Faure, 1975. Duration: 61'21". © INA.

Jean Prouvé: Right after the war, the question of expanding came up, we could no longer work in the streets of Nancy, and a friend to whom I am forever grateful, an industrial from Nancy, Mr Schwarz, advised me to get hold of a plot of land in the north of Nancy, which I did, and that was the start of the Maxéville workshops. We constructed the buildings, in addition to the existing buildings. The whole team moved, grew bigger, and functioned according to the same principles that I have already told you about, until around 1950. While as head of an industrial business I had responsibilities, and I think never neglected them, the administration of the factory, accounting matters, for which I had help of course, but neither did I never neglect the workshops, I spent my days with the craftsmen, with the draftsmen whenever there were any of course, with all the production team. I never broke with the technical work and I congratulate myself for that.